Hello, My name is

Julian Jurec

I am an Android Dev.

about me


Android Dev

I build sleek, scalable, beautiful apps. I always crave to make the client, users and myself satisfied with the product.

Coding Teacher

I love sharing knowledge and I think I’m quite good at it! Be it Java, Android, Kotlin, Git or Python. If I know it, I can teach it.


I may not be the most experience public speaker but I do love it. I’m looking for opportunities to give tech talks on the topics close to my heart.

Problem Solver

Over the years I’ve gained some experience, working with legacy code and fixing the unfixable. Given enough coffee, I always deliver the solution.


I love writing tech articles. It helps me learn stuff, get creative, and share my knowledge. Let me know if you need some writing done.


I have some experience with leading small dev teams, planning and code reviewing with general coding support in agile projects.

How I work







My Solutions are


I am a strong believer that readability, expectability and conforming to the conventions is crucial part of good code.


I don’t build the products only for the client. I do it for the end-users as well. That’s why I strive for my products to manage successes.


I know that market changes, so do clients needs. In order for changes to be quick and painless, it is crucial for my code to be testable and modular.

Fun Facts

~20 Vinyl Albums Owned

>25 Published Tech Articles

2-3 Coffees Per Workday

50 Hours Of Coding Music


Java & Android Courses

at Software Development Academy

14th Linux Session

Official Android app for the event

13th Linux Session

Official Android app for the event

‘Kotlin – pros & pros’

Tech Talk @ Meetnight



Mar 2017 – Current

Android Developer


I currently work for Applover. I create Android apps in agile environment. For some projects I lead teams of 3-4 people. I work directly with clients to ensure agile development. I mostly use Kotlin where viable and make use of RxJava, Retrofit, Dagger and Android Jetpack.

Jul 2017 – Current

Android & Java Teacher

Software Development Academy

I also currently teach Java and Android at Software Development Academy in Wrocław, Poland and Tallinn, Estonia. I mainly focus on introductory courses and recruitment meetings as I find it most fulfilling to give people proper fundamental knowledge to give them a great start into programming. I also excel at teaching Git.

Feb 2018 – Dec 2018

Android Developer

Razer Inc.
via Applover

I worked with a medium-sized multinational team developing the inbuilt Camera application for Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2. We mainly used Kotlin, advanced RxJava and Dagger as well as numerous NDK integrations.

May 2016 – Mar 2017

Mobile Developer (Android & iOS)

GSM Billing Ltd.

I used to work for this British company mainly as an Android Developer but I also got to know some iOS. I got acquainted with Android SDK and iOS dev in commercial way. I honed my Java and Swift skills and got to know Parse.com and some 3rd-party libraries for both platforms.


2015 – 2019

Computer Science

Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Management

I studied Computer Science at one of the best Polish Tech Universities. I was an active member of two Student Organisations and helped coordinate many events. I graduated with an A. My thesis is available on the blog.


Mar 2017 – Current

Programming Blog


I started this blog as a contest entry but it has swiftly evolved into a great learning tool. I’ve learned a lot writing it.

Oct 2017

Tech talk “Kotlin – pros & pros”

Meetnight 2017

My first talk on Kotlin’s advantages over Java for Android development. It was a ~30 minute (+ Q&A) talk held in Polish.

Apr 2017

Android app for 14th Linux Session

Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne

My first contact with Kotlin, MVP architecture practice and learning basic back-end techniques with Python’s Flask microframework.

Mar 2016

Android app for 13th Linux Session

Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne

My first public Android Project. I created the official event app for ~100 users. with Konrad Drozd

Coding Skills

Android SDK





Other Skills

Material Design

Knowledge Sharing

App Architecture

Scrum Planning






Greta Chang

Project Manager | Razer

Julian was a pleasure to work with both as an engineer and as an individual. He was always responsive to feedback and enthusiastic about approaching difficult and unusual problems.

Radosław Bułat

CEO | Applover

Julian is a very responsible and well-mannered coder. Having worked with him for over half a year I became convinced that he is reliable and cares about the quality of his work.

Krzysztof Matuszewski

Business Manager | SDA

Working with Julian is pure joy. He is a great, passionate programmer, who can transfer this passion on his students. He also excels at giving speeches. He proved himself when he gave speech at Meetnight.

Adam Irzymski


It was pleasure to work with Julian. He is very skilled and hard working person who takes initiative and delivers on time. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone in need of professional IT developement.




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