Get Noticed 2017! is coming to an end

Let me quote myself from three months ago.

“The main factor of me starting this blog happens to be a contest Get Noticed! held by Maciej Aniserowicz @ The goal is to write a blog for at least 10 weeks at 2 posts every week. One entry can be about anything IT related, however the other one has to be about an open-source project under development.

The project of my choosing is just an app I decided to work on even before I learned about Get Noticed!. I want to create an application for 14th Linux Session. (…) This year I decided to improve on some mistakes I made in previous edition and also learn new technologies.

Hence, the other part of my project; I will be learning how to create, put on a server, maintain and fix a REST API written in Flask.


Of course the most important aspect of me writing this blog is self-motivation by fear of failure which has always been my personal go-to when it comes to determination. Taking part in Get Noticed! is just my attempt to further improve and develop myself as a programmer.”

Now that Get Noticed is coming to an end (this is the last “competition” entry) I’ve decided to dedicate some time to reflect. Reflect upon my motivation to enter the competition, the effects it had on my life and the plans for future. Let’s get into it.

Why I entered and how it turned out

The quote above describes pretty well the attitude I had towards GN before it started; my hopes, my fears are all in there. I entered the competition with an app to build for my university. As you can tell by previous posts, the app has been finished (almost) on time and had some warm welcome on the Linux Session. What you probably can tell as well is that I’m motivated to still develop it for the next year and to improve as a developer. What you probably cannot tell is how exhausted all this endeavour has made me. Both LS app and GN contest took a substantial part of the little time I had left for myself with all the university and day job.

I also wanted to use the opportunity to further learn and progress as a programmer and I think I also managed to do it. However poorly made the Linux Session app may be, I have learned boatloads of stuff about REST APIs, app architecture, ssh/tmux and efficient Android memory management to name a few topics. I also developed a skill of coding, planning out a blog post and paying attention to the lecture I’m attending at the same time. I think that is quite a useful skill for a working student.

Another reason I started this blog was to test my perseverence. I was really hopeful but doubtful wether I will find time to regularly develop the project and write two blog posts a week for ten weeks over the duration of GN. It was a real pain in the backside at times but it was worth it. I managed to fulfill all the requirements of the contest and by so, I proved to myself that I can self-motivate and be perstistent. I am really glad that I took this challenge and relieved that I managed to complete it.

What will happen now

Well, the mini-conference in Warsaw that is the official final of this competition is going to take place in three weeks time and I really hope I will get invited there as I consider it a great occassion to do some networking and listen to other contestants’ experiences from the last three months. Maciej Aniserowicz also plans to host some ten or so talks during the final and I’d love to get a chance to deliver one of them. I hope I will be chosen :).

Apart from that I really need to take a break from churning out two posts a week as it is really tiresome to try to maintain a decent quality with so little time. I will focus a bit more on my university and rest a bit for now. However I cannot imagine not writing for the blog anymore. I will post a lot more about git. I want my posts to be much more informative from now on as I will be able to devote much more time to them, posting more rarely. I want to create several well thought-out series of posts that in a year or two will be my gift to the community and myself, describing some topics or tools in great detail.

All in all, thank you to anyone that kept a lookout for my posts and read them. Thank you very much to Maciej Aniserowicz for providing me with motivation to start it. Thanks to Adam for helping me with technicalities of this site. Thanks to Filip for convincing me to take part in it, Wojtek Z. for keeping me motivated and giving great advice. Last but not least, I want to thank the three other horsemen of segfault: Janek, Wojtek C. and Marek as well as Mateusz for always having something nice and constructive to say. Thank you all for your attention and hopefully see you soon.


  1. JJJ 2017-05-28 at 21:07

    Good JAB, Julian 😀 Hope you will deliver some talks during great finale!

    1. Julian Jurec 2017-06-05 at 20:28

      Unfortunately not this year. Still thanks for the kind words, friend.

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